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Professional Excursion

On Wednesday professionals and those with a general interest are invited to an excursion to the hellwach festival, which this year will be staged in parallel to the HALBSTARK festival. Both festivals aim to build bridges and use synergies in those areas in which they converge or complement one another.


Ideas Pool: Strong Texts and Projects

Following the meeting of the NRW Working Group for Children’s and Youth Theatre (not open to the public) the Ideas pool will present texts and projects for 9- to 13-year-olds.


Cultural Political Podium

Theatre for 9- to 13-year-olds – are we making the right things for those who we’re aiming to make things for?



HALBSTARK would not be half as strong as it is if it didn’t also embrace the surrounding region, alongside the city of Münster. Organisers from cities and regions are invited to learn about international developments and current productions for 9- to 13-year-olds at the festival and to exchange ideas with others.



Giving Children a Voice –
Results of the World Vision Children’s Study 2010


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