The Festival

From 3 to 10 November 2010 the Kulturamt der Stadt Münster and the Staedtische Buehnen, along with the NRW KULTURsekretariat, will present the first HALBSTARK festival. With its exciting and spectacular productions this new theatre festival is aimed at children and teenagers between the ages of 9 and 13. Under the artistic direction of Dutch director Silvia Andringa, it will present productions from Germany, Holland, Belgium and Denmark.

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Theatre Festival assumes Perspective of 'Halbstarke'

Be it play, dance- or musical theatre, the eleven national and international productions selected reflect the themes and dreams of their audience. The stories are about the true and untrue, the funny and the sad, the philosophical and the entertaining. And they are often also about the development of the self.

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Mentoring Classes

HALBSTARK is seeking to involve theatre professionals and audiences in an intensive dialogue. Since September 2010 children from 11 mentoring classes have been involved in a special exchange with the festival ensembles.

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Aus dem Programm

Titus - Theaterhaus Ensemble (D)

The eponymous hero of this play doesn't have much in common with Titus Andronicus, the Roman general. The son of a butcher, he was named after his father's favourite pig. Titus the pig can make 26 different grunting sounds. But Titus the boy isn't really so special. In fact happiness doesn't seem to be particularly interested in him at all. His father is constantly forgetting him, his first love has left him. No one notices him. But when he stands on the roof of the school and looks down, suddenly everyone notices him…
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HALBSTARK wants to shine out into the region and neighbouring states with its international productions. The NRW KULTURsekretariat Wuppertal is offering its member cities selected festival productions for the up-coming season.

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